A ‘Short’ Break Before Baby – Part 2

So we left off last time with me stuffing my face on free food.

Shortly after, we made our way to the gate for the first leg of our long journey. I’ve been on long haul flights before and I’ve never really been a keen flyer, not that im scared of flying, I just don’t like the close quarters and the dry throat you get from the air conditioning. The dry throat that no matter how much you drink, still doesn’t get any better. Now I was throwing pregnancy every five minutes pissing into the mix.

We had arranged to have extra leg room so that I had easy access to ‘the facilities’.  There is nothing worse than being in a window seat, needing the loo and the person on the end is sleeping. Thankfully we had seats on the emergency exit so we had loads of space, although being so close to the toilet and the stewards area meant that I constantly had someone walking past me, queuing for the loo or bashing me with a trolley.


I know this pipedream will never happen but i would love, for just once in my lifetime, to experience Business or First Class. I want to be able to check in at a desk teamed with flowers and smiling faces, not enormous queues that seem to go on forever. I don’t want to be told your bag is over by 2kg and you have to empty out your smalls and such forth from one bag to another for all to see, and then queue up all over again. If there is anyone out there who would like to fulfill my wish just give me a holler. I have nothing of worth to offer, apart from a really handy husband or a cat who loves to give you an early morning wakeup call. I’m afraid the kid doesn’t factor into the bargain, the others I could give or take.


It’s not much to ask to be able to stretch your legs on a day bed and eat gourmet food, turbulence shmerbulance, Ill be lying down mate!

But no, for now I will stick to my corridor seat with a great view of the lavatory and generally someone’s ass who’s waiting for it.

Once we arrived it was pretty late and we had arranged for a private transfer to come and collect us. Thankfully we weren’t harassed by the ‘porters’ to take our bag. I cannot tell you how many times I have had a tugging tussle to get my bag back, its comical. Barry and Paul would be proud. Have you ever been welcomed to a new country with a sign emblazoned with your name? There is nothing better! I feel like royalty, just for a few self indulgent moments. However our driver was wearing the loudest shirt you could have imagined so the sign was pretty obsolete with that thing shining like a beacon of light.

It was a reasonably short journey from the airport to our bed and breakfast but like getting anywhere in Bali by car, it takes four times as long to get there. Our bed and breakfast was beautiful though. It was a mix of vintage and cultural authenticity. We had a stunning terrace overlooking the rice paddies with a constant hum of electricity pulsing through the telegraph poles and the odd dog barking. I loved it. We had finally arrived.


I almost wish in a way that we didn’t go to Bali when I was pregnant as I was so restricted at what I could do. I couldn’t snorkel, not that I would (as explained in Part One here) anyway, I couldn’t go on any rides at the waterpark and most of all I couldn’t visit the Gilli islands. Obviously making sure my baby was safe and healthy is more important than those things but I think it would be pretty unlikely that we would come back again due to the longevity of the travel.


The Balinese are such wonderful caring people and unless you get into an unmarked taxi or dragged around a turtle island with a lady who sits down with you and demands you buy her a drink and tip her, you literally don’t feel like you are being harassed or ripped off half as much as you would expect.


Now I could bang on more about all the different places that we visited but im not writing a ‘top suggestions’ travel guide for Bali.

Getting away, whether its just a short break to Devon or a crazy long half way around the world trip, will always have a special place in your heart. It will be closing the chapter on one story and starting a new one on another. I wouldn’t change anything about our adventure even if we didn’t always see eye to eye, or that I sweated out of places I never even knew existed. At least I didn’t, for once, have diarrhea or a million mosquito bites.


I would definitely recommend a ‘baby moon’ as you will quickly realise that you wont have a minute to yourselves once that tiny bundle of joy comes along. You wont shower, go to the toilet or most probably have sex (not that you’ll want to) without your baby being there.

As you continue to read my blog posts i’ll be making sure that I’m keeping it real, warts and all. I am four and a half months into motherhood and I can tell you that it hasn’t been easy, and that’s even before the little bugger came out! I hope that whether you are a mum to be, new parent or seasoned pro you can relate to it in someway and share your story too.

If you like what you are reading, please comment, share or follow me on Instagram. Until next time.

With Love.








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