The Second Trimester – The Rage Stage

The secrets finally out! It’s such an amazing feeling to be able to tell the people that you love you’re having a baby. It was probably the longest three months of my life but so worth it in the end. As soon as i found out, i was bursting at the seams to tell every living breathing thing in sight but i’m glad i waited just to see their reaction.

It’s mad to think that only 6 weeks before i was looking at a dot on the screen and then all of a sudden you are looking at a little person with hands and feet. They grow and develop so quickly that i can hardly believe its something that i had created. It’s also hard to believe that other than growing a small person inside you, that your body changes in so many ways, whether that be physically or mentally. Now mentally is where we are swiftly moving onto.

Something that featured so heavily for me its safe to say, was that i went bat shit crazy. Ordinarily i really need to be wound up before i blow my top. Pregnancy enhanced this so much so that i scared myself, my husband and probably others around me, no actually, not probably, definitely. I would say it started creeping in towards the end of the first trimester when i stormed round my next door neighbours in a fit of rage.

It was actually something very insignificant, but at the time i had got myself in such a flap i just went for it. The neighbours were a student house and as student houses go, they were great. You didn’t hear a peep from them apart from the odd girlie screaming fits and giggles. The issue i had was with their garden.

It become somewhat of an obsession. I would be curtain twitching over the slightest plant growth. They had some sort of creeping plant and it was slowly overrunning my garden. I was forever pulling it up, staring into their windows deeply hoping they could see me scowling, and throwing it back over. One day i just flipped. I’m not entirely sure what i was thinking when i stomped over there, hair scrapped back, possibly not wearing a bra and with my cat placed firmly under my arm? I know right? WTF!

I’m banging on the door ready for war. Two very sweet looking girls answer the door to this crazed mad women, who at this point did not show any signs of pregnancy, shouting about their weed issue. I immediately asked them for their landlords number and told them i thought it was a disgrace that they would get their garden in such a state and they should take pride in their surroundings. They looked puzzled, bemused but mostly scared at my nonsensical ramblings. It turns out they didn’t have a landlord but they gave me the letting agents details. As i turned away i albeit said ” and good day to you” as i continued down the path, with my cat still under my arm, and went back into my house.

You will be pleased to hear that the garden maintenance was dealt with but only because new tenants were arriving. I tried, you got to give me that at least!

I have never in my life been as confrontational as i have been during pregnancy. I reckon in the 9 months that i was, i probably pissed off half of my neighbours.

Now my poor cat had been subjected to my craziness on a couple more occasions after i accused my neighbours opposite of stealing her on two occasions. Don’t get me wrong in hindsight i might have maybe overreacted a smidge but i still stand by my actions. If you come home at say midnight and see your cat staring out at you from another window, you go over there and bang on their door right?

My husband, bless him, was too embarrassed to stick around and legged it into the house. Unfortunately for me i continued on my quest to retrieve my kidnapped cat. When the guy opened the door, i didn’t even say hello, i just blurted out “Can i have my cat back please?” He looked puzzled so i reiterated; “you know, the one in your window”! “oh” he says. You mean “meow meow, face face”. Sorry? What? You’ve named my cat? No, not meow meow face face. So he went in to get her under her new and not improved name whilst i was also calling for her too. What made matters worst is that we named our female cat Alan. He assumed that she was a boy and when i corrected him, again i got the bemused and slightly terrified look.

I thought that would scare anyone into thinking again before they let my cat in but only a few days later as i was lying in bed, i could see a girl from the kidnapping house beckon Alan over and let her in. I shot up out and bed. I couldn’t believe i saw it with my own eyes. I could feel the rage building up inside me as i shouted at my husband that they had taken our cat again. When he told me he thought i was overreacting it made matters worst. I threw on the first thing i could find and went for it. It was raining and i went over barefoot. I knocked on the door and the girl answered this time. I told her that i’d just witnessed her coaxing my cat into her house, she explained she was only looking for a cuddle!

Well, i don’t know what came over me but i started pointing in her face telling her over and over again that she was weird and that her behaviour was weird. Pot, kettle anyone!? She looked scared, i was beginning to have a habit of evoking this emotion, and she tried to explain that Alan often came through their back window. I was having none of it. I cringe when i look back now as i’m not even sure they noticed i was pregnant. They probably thought i was a total nut job. Obviously i blame the pregnancy. I’ve not been able to look them in the eye since for obvious reasons.

I was utterly terrifying. Thankfully none of my crazy lady vibes have carried over to motherhood, well maybe a little road rage still lives on, but the crazy cat lady has most certainly left the building.

Apparently its quite common to get rage during the second trimester. I thought i was the only one. Pregnancy can do some very strange things to you. What was i to expect next?





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