20 Facts About Me

So I was going to blog about becoming a first time parent but after the new introduction of the Instagram Story I thought I would mix it up. Its been so great seeing the faces, voices and not so Insta videos behind the feed. We all obviously beautify our lives to some extent on all social media platforms, whether that’s statuses on Facebook or pictures on Instagram.

We don’t want to hear about all the rubbish stuff, like who’s pissed you off, your kids are running riot, you’ve ran out of milk or you got your period, so its a fantastic contrast. We want to escape from reality and immerse ourselves in pretty flowers, cute kids, scrummy food and perfect interiors, well I do anyway. Ok so, facts about me. I thought I would give you a little insight into me and my life a little more. I love reading peoples Facts About Me. Although I don’t like to admit it, as my husband will say “I told you so” but, im so nosey.

I love it when people leave their curtains open at night so I can gawp at their interiors, not in a weird stalkerish way. I can see how that statement looks, but in an interested way. I literally always want to know about everything. I maybe classed as a prier, but i’m genuinely intrigued.  There’s a difference. I’ve been blogging about pregnancy and my struggles mainly so i wanted to actually do a more lighthearted post for once. Brace yourself as its quite lengthy but here goes;

  1. I live in Cornwall and I have done for pretty much my whole life. Its the most amazing place to live and I couldn’t wish for a more perfect place to bring Ernest up. I always used to complain about the slow pace of life but since becoming a mother I have a new found respect for it.
  2. I am petrified of the Sea. Yea I know I’m surrounded by the stuff! I get palpitations if I watch David Attenborough and its an Aquatic episode. I can’t pinpoint why I have such a fear of it and I will only venture in if the water is clear. Even then, its waist deep at a push.
  3. I love to sing. I have my own carpool karaoke on a regular basis and I will choose to go a slightly longer route home if I like a particular song on the radio, just so i can blare it out and sing at the top of my lungs. I tried to play really loud music when I was pregnant to get Ernie used to it in the outside world.
  4. I have applied for the X Factor three times and got audition slots but never went as I get crippling stage fright. Although, I was once in a 16 piece soul band, it took great courage and many months of practice for me to work up to singing in public.
  5. I LOVE Mcdonalds. I try not to eat it too much but when I do I always go large on a Deli Sandwich. The worst part about it is, I also order a cheeseburger. But then I add on a small fries to make it look like i’m ordering for a little person. I don’t think they’re buying my cover story somehow though when I scoff the lot. Timmy has actually left me eating in and sat in the car as he was too embarrassed.
  6. I started writing a book when I was 22 called Shit Shags and Handbags – The Misadventures Of A Single Girl after getting out of a 7 year relationship. This was before Tinder and Internet Dating was big. Its like my very own Bridget Jones Biography.  I have written about 20,000 words but stopped when I met Timmy.  He is my happy ending to the book, so I will finish it. One day.
  7. I used to crimp pasties for a living and spent 10 years of my life doing so. Even when i was at college and university i worked part time and I can crimp 4 pasties a minute.
  8. I went to University to do a BSC Law With Business Degree. I was on track for a 2.1 in my first two years but lost all interest in my final year and failed overall. I don’t regret this as I know it wouldn’t be something id want a career in. I’m not hugely academic to be honest and I often wonder how I managed to swindle my way on the course in the first place.
  9. I have a tendency to go red in any situation. I hate going to the local shops just in case I bump into people. It doesn’t have to be acquaintances, it could be family or long standing friends. Its not that I dislike speaking to them, its just that I know as soon as I start a conversation my face will become uncontrollably a lovely shade of beetroot. I will turn down going to certain events with people if i I don’t really know who’s going because I can be a bit socially awkward and I will come out with the most embarrassing stuff just to fill the silence.
  10. I have one tattoo. Some might call it a tramp stamp. It is one of my all time regrets in life. I had it done when I was 17 and I went into the tattoo parlor on my own and chose it from one of the designs on the wall. Yea I know, so original but at least I didn’t agree to the suggestion of getting a skull drawn in the middle of it. I had to straddle a backwards chair with my arse hanging out in full view of anyone who walked past. The tattooist spilt the ink all over the floor and then accepted a delivery of porn dvds, so I should have ran out at this point. Now I am left with some awful non descript tribal tattoo that a girl i went to school with has the exact same one I later discovered. Great.
  11. I somehow manage to include poo within 90% of my daily conversations. This was even before having a child that projectile poops. I still cant figure out my fascination with it or why i’m so comfortable in discussing my bowel movements to anyone that will listen. Maybe its because I have IBS? So it can either go one of two ways. You either don’t go for days or you are doubled over in pain, sweating, feeling sick and more than likely stripping off in the disabled toilet in work as its the only way you feel comfortable, having been gone for nearly an hour with everyone wondering where on earth you’ve got to. Not you? Oh must be me then! God, there I go again. See I cant help myself.
  12. I’m a big fan of movies. Ever since I had a little weekend job at a video, yes video (we are going back……way back) shop I have loved films and its old movies in particular, Black and White or colour. Thoroughly Modern Millie, We’re No Angels and 16 Candles are three of my absolute favourites.
  13. I met my husband through mutual friends and completely by chance. We were both heading home after a night out but got invited separately by the same people to a house party. I instantly thought he was the funniest guy id ever met but I wasn’t actually attracted to him at the time. He was then tagging in some photos id uploaded to Facebook and we struck up a conversation where I started to like him. This fizzled out but I saw him again out one night about a month or two later, after my friend did that really subtle “i think my mate knows you” thing, we started talking again and we haven’t been apart since. I think it was fate.
  14. I don’t really drink alcohol. I used to get asked all the time why I didn’t drink when I was younger as I guess it was weird for people to get their head around it. They just couldn’t understand it. I actually hate the taste of it and I also hate the way it can change a person. Although on the very very few occasions I have been drunk I can safely say I’m just a happier version of myself, or paralytic on a toilet cubical floor after two drinks using the lid as a pillow. Sometimes it can change people for the worst and that really puts me off. I’m quite happy continuing my life without a drink but I might have the odd cocktail or gin as I can stomach them the most.
  15. I love travelling and discovering new places. I am lucky enough to say that i’ve been to Thailand, Mexico, Dominican, Kenya, most recently Bali and many European countries. I have just bought a world map and I intend to pin all the places I’ve been and all the places id like to visit. There is no greater feeling than the feeling of venturing to foreign lands.
  16. My husband works on the oil rigs and is away more than he’s at home. He has been doing this job for as long as I’ve known him so i’m so used to it now. Its a good thing I like my own company. Although now I have my hands pretty full with Ernest.
  17. I’m a part time book reader. I have a bookcase full of books that I haven’t yet finished. I have a tendency to read a few pages and then move on to the next one. Every time I am in a shop that sells books I still look to buy one knowing full well that I wont finish it.
  18. I love home interiors magazines and I buy them religiously every month. My ultimate dream would be to have a full spread feature once our house is complete.
  19. I’m a bargain hunter. I cannot get enough of car boot sales, charity shops and antiques shops. I have many vintage pieces in my house ranging from furniture, to little nick nacks to old 1950’s Woman’s Own magazines. There is something magical about periodic items. I often think of the story behind them and who once owned them.
  20. I own about 100 sets of bone china tea cups and saucers. I collected them when I got married and I haven’t had the heart to get rid of them. They drive my husband crazy as he doesn’t see why I’m holding onto them but they are sentimental to me.


I could go on and on but i think that’s quite enough. I’d like to get to know you better too! Tell me a random fact about yourself x


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