My, Haven’t You Grown

I’ve started to note down all the little changes that are happening in the ever progressing childhood of Ernest. I don’t want to forget anything but time is just flying by at a rate of knots that he is now almost 8 months old. I wanted to start this blog as a virtual diary so that I can look back on my journey through motherhood.

Now I’m well over half way through his first year and its staggering to think that he was once this little dot curled up like a prawn and sleeping all the time. I quite often like to look back through pictures to remind myself of how big my ‘little’ boy is getting. You don’t really notice how fast they grow, especially whilst I’m with him everyday. My husband on the other hand will always notice these things far better than me as he has those long periods of separation.

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Everlasting Love – June 2016

So I’ve decided I’m going to chart his development on a weekly basis. Although i didn’t start it from the beginning, its still a lovely reminder of how far he’s come.

Babies essentially need to start from scratch. Every little thing that we easily do on a daily basis will need to be figured out in their continually developing minds. It’s so fascinating to see them just do something without having any prior knowledge of it. Rolling, crawling, eating, walking. I get such a sense of pride every time Ernest learns something new. My eyes fill with tears whilst i burst with joy. I’m not one for all the mushy stuff but this little ginger headed babe has turned me into a blubbering mess.

I do wish i’d made more of an effort with keeping up to date with all the little changes. They say you start to relax more on documenting the milestones when you’ve had multiples of kids, not on your first.

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Strong Leg Game – August 2016

Maybe when we have another baby I’ll be a little more proactive, currently i’m just winging it. I say when we have another baby, my husband hasn’t quite agreed to another one but he hasn’t said no flat out, so I’m airing on the optimistic side. He says he still finds it hard not to think about the birth and the struggle we initially faced but I can honestly say that unless I read my past blog posts, it’s completely gone over my head. There is no point in looking at the past with regret, you can only learn and grow from any mistakes that you’ve made. I know that when we do eventually have another one, hopefully in the not too distant future, that I’ll have a better knowledge.

I won’t be worrying so much about the little noises they make, or that I’m not holding them right, or whether they should have 11 layers on instead of 10 because it’s a little nippy outside. Everything is magnified in those first few months and I’m happy to say that life does get easier (for the moment) before we hit the teething and tantrums stage. We put way too much pressure on ourselves, particularly if you have people in your ear telling you what you should and shouldn’t do. There really is no need in sweating the small stuff. You are the parent, you always know best and if you decide on something, that’s your choice. Ernest is at a great age as he’s discovering himself every day. I have to stop comparing him to every other baby and their development. It’s easy to do this when your kid is a little slower on the uptake.  I think he’s just too lazy. But that’s OK. He will get there. Eventually.

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Straight In The Mouth – August 2016

He’s already such a head strong boy which I absolutely love. This kid has got bags of personality and is such a loving and kind hearted boy. I do hope that when he grows up these traits stay with him. Only time will tell.

This is what i’ve learned this week;

  • You are captivated by bag straps, string or labels. They all go straight in your mouth and get saturated in gallons of saliva. Its always lovely to pick something up and to have that unexpected cold wet sensation. Cheers kid.
  • You have decided that you no longer like to wear hats. I’m actually pretty gutted about this as i’ve been eyeing all the winter woollies. I think i’ll just have to superglue one to your head whilst you’re sleeping, its the only way.
  • A pitch that only dogs and dolphins can understand is now vacating your mouth in order to wake your poor tired parents up of a morning
  • Looking like a folded deckchair is becoming less and less frequent and you are finally starting to sit up. Albeit for a short period of time before a forward roll and a face plant to the carpet ensues, but you’re slowing getting there.
  • Any kind of furry creature is laughed at hysterically. Stiffened limbs and a scrunched up face are common and handfuls of hair are grabbed much to the dismay of the poor animal.
  • Eating is now becoming enjoyable. You love to make a noise when you chew “um, um, um , um”. Although god forbid if you drop any of it as you cry blue murder, even if it is only resting on your chest.
  • You’ve started rolling onto your belly when you’re put to bed at night and lookinh rather pleased for yourself or somehoe wedging yourself perfectly lengthways
  • You’ve figured out that if you want something you have to work for it. You’re not quite crawling yet but you’re getting so frustrated trying to do it and realising if you push your bum up it will move you forward.

I can not wait to discover all the new traits you will soak up next x

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Tiny Toes – July 2016

“Life is 10 Percent what you make it, and 90 percent how you take it.”




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