Come Rain Or Shine -A Family Getaway

It’s true what they say, things do change when you have children. I know this because last year i was care free and sweating like a bitch in Bali and this year we had a wet and windy weekend in Fowey, but we absolutely loved it. We are lucky to have already experienced some amazing holidays in our lifetime so a trip down the road suited us just fine.

However, some things never change and no holiday would be the same without an unexpected pit stop to the supermarket toilets after making a bad choice in the lunch department. Note to self: do not eat a chicken Jalfrezi slice, one, in the car (as you are guaranteed to get it all down your front), and two, because pastry does not agree with your digestive system. I never learn.

I say unexpected trip, what i mean to say is trip(s). After a first failed attempt at easing my pain i returning to the car disappointed where i nearly got run over by an old age pensioner who clearly doesn’t know that a pedestrian crossing is for stopping at, i then had to turn around and make attempt number two. This was after getting in the car, driving about 100 yards and realising that i now needed to run to said supermarket toilet. I sat down, closed my eyes and got very comfortable with the lavatory seat. These moments never seem to happen in the comfort of my own home and I can put money on this happening whilst i’m out in public or in work every time. I’m not sure if anyone else who is reading this will relate to having IBS but its fucking horrific.

On the upside i skipped out feeling on top of the world and that little bit lighter for my next weigh in at Slimming World.

So after a slight diversion we headed up the road to our new home for the next few days. Our check in wasn’t until 4pm so we decided to take a detour to Polperro. What a place! It always amazes me that there are so many places in my county that i am yet to visit. I really do see the draw that people have towards little chocolate box Cornish villages. As you walk down from the car park you are met with rows of flowers, a ridiculous amount of public toilets (they knew i was coming!) and cute little boutique shops, even a shop dedicated to Christmas!? The village is filled with white washed walls and colourful front doors with quirky little knockers or bunting hanging. Even living in Falmouth, its a million miles away from what i’m used to. I almost envy this cut off way of living. You can only rely on the little post office, corner shop and a handful of pubs to get you by.

There is even a luggage service whereby you hop on the back of a quad bike with your suitcase, and you’re driven by a very friendly old boy to your destination. We witnessed him recommending to his latest drop off that he get himself a pasty and some jam and scone before he does anything. What a brilliant start to a holiday and way to navigate through the very narrow streets. It is a shame though that the deeper you go into the village the majority of homes are holiday cottages, which for me loses a little bit of charm.

All the same, it was a perfect place to start our little local holiday as a family. I know Ernest won’t really remember it but its always important to take some time out, whether that’s for a few hours, the day or longer. You can get caught up in the day to day of life and forget about enjoying yourself and not taking things too seriously.

We finished off our little jaunt to Polperro with a trip to the sweetie shop. I still get that odd feeling in the back of my jaw when i remember eating the super sour lemon ones. They were that sour it was unpleasant. I think Timmy was delighted with the effect it had on me as it shut me up for a bit.

We got in the car and headed to our Yurt which was only a few more miles up the road. You know when you’re out in the sticks when every road you go down is a cars width, covered with pot holes and you see the sign Test Your Brakes as you turn down into a new road. This type of driving is my idea of hell. If i came face to face with another car i would literally sit there until they moved. I am petrified of reversing down or up little lanes, give me a drive through the inner cities any day of the week. Thankfully my lovely husband doesn’t mind driving down these treacherous roads and hates driving in the city. And that is why we go together like peas and carrots.

When we arrived at the farm we were met with a load of chickens circling the car. There was a beautiful old farmhouse surrounded by apple trees and a handful of old barns dotted around the courtyard.  It was so idyllic. You could only hear the wind through the trees and the odd “Baaa” from the fields.

The yurts are nestled on top of a hillside with reams of green shrubbery as far as the eye can see. You are pretty much secluded, stranded some might say, so forget about popping down the shop to pick up a pint of milk. If you want anything then a man with a van comes to the farm three times a week delivering local produce. I cannot tell you how up my street this place was.

When we were shown to our Yurt our lovely host Rob took all of our bags and placed them inside a wheel barrow and plodded up the hill. Who knew a wheelbarrow would be so handy in carting round a rather rotund baby too. Each yurt is just far enough away to not feel like you are lacking privacy and comes with a log seated area where you can either build a first or cook some food. You also get a decked section at the front of the yurt with a table and chairs. The yurt itself has so many beautiful touches that it felt like a home away from home. They had added fresh flowers, a feather duvet and pretty little fairy lights. We were really surprised by the size as we imagined it to feel a little tent like, but it was far from it. You could, for a split second, think you were in Mongolia with its Kilim rugs and bold colours, yet we were only an hour up the road.

Although the weather wasn’t very kind to us, we embraced the great outdoors. I did my usual thing and brought the most inappropriate footwear. I don’t think Birkenstocks were the best choice when its pissing down and you are surrounded by grass but i packed with optimism.

Our well equip and beautiful kitchen and showers were a short walk away which really wasn’t an issue, although it meant we couldn’t bath Ernest. It also meant that in the dead of night when you are too knackered to get fully dressed and find a light but you need the toilet, that you do what any other self respecting person does and you go behind the yurt and do a squatted wee. Timmy had to go out in the early hours so regularly that he named it the ‘naked man’ wee. Thankfully it was too dark to see what damage the cold weather had done to his pecker.

Once we got used to firing up the wood burner it was so toasty. At points, the rain was hammering it down making that infectious sound against the canvas and the wind was whirling in and out of the gaps. We had a travel cot for Ernest and i made sure that he had plenty of layers on him but i found when i woke in the middle of the night to check him, he still felt very cold. His little hands were like icicles. I felt so guilty that we were all wrapped up nice and warm and my little baby wasn’t. I made sure from that night, that he stayed in the bed with us. It was certainly a passion killer, especially as he almost always knew the exact spot to kick his dad as he slept peacefully.

Ernest was an absolute joy, particularly as i was worried he might not like the change in environment, but he loved it. What he loved the most though was the huge pot bellied pig and sheep in the field next to the yurts. They were literally the most adorable things and the lovely piggy Rosie came trotting over to us as soon as we arrived. Ernest couldn’t contain his excitement and screamed and flapped like mad. Its also such a lovely touch that the owners encourage you to help feed the animals in the morning.

We benefited from this more than Ernest but its a perfect activity to get the kids involved in. I would love to take him back again when he’s a little older as i know he would love it. Kids are well catered for as there is a huge barn filled with child friendly games.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to use the wood powered hot tub but we made sure that we embraced the outdoors, cooked on the open fire (when the rain stopped) and bonded as a family. We had no tv and little internet access but it’s amazing how you soon forget about these things and concentrate on whats right in front of you. I wouldn’t say this was the most relaxing holiday i’ve ever been on as you are constantly making sure you have everything to hand when you take a baby, but i except that for the time being this is the way its going to be.

We had the most wonderful time exploring the local area and getting back to nature. It was the perfect thing to do before heading back to work for some keeping in touch days. The countdown is now officially on and although i am apprehensive about leaving Ernest i know for us at the moment, financially, its the best thing for us. Unfortunately we don’t have a huge pot of gold that we can dip into but at least once i’m back at work i will really make the most of the time i have with my family.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”









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