My, Haven’t You Grown – 25.09.16

So you’ve been 8 months for a whole week now. You are measuring a very tall 68cms which is equivalent to the average height of a 10 month old. I don’t know where you get your height from as I wasn’t blessed in that area. Unfortunately you were blessed with my ears though. However I have to say they look much better on you.

You’ve eaten bulgar wheat and eggs and you actually preferred bulgar wheat? The eggs gave you a rash around your mouth so I’m a little scared to try again. It’s mad to think that only a few weeks ago you were not even that bothered about food and now you can’t get it in your mouth quick enough. You literally grab my arm and pull the food towards you whilst having a crazed look on your face and with your whole body shaking.

2016-09-25 06.16.04 1.jpg
Carrot Top Since February 2016

This week we visited your aunty in Suffolk. You and I both survived a 9hr car journey. You for the boredom and chlostrophobic factor and me for the backseat drivers and their opinions. Thankfully, one benefit of having a backseat driver was that your nanny and grandad took it in turns to entertain you. Your grandad is very hard of hearing so we had many frustrating but comical one sided conversations whilst he looked vacant for the most part. I tried to be organised and made you some kind of chicken, carrot and beetroot concoction for your lunch on the way up but didn’t think to check if the vegetables were soft enough.

Needless to say you didn’t or couldn’t eat much and I spend the whole journey looking in different service stations for something as an alternative.

2016-09-25 06.16.01 1.jpg
Unconditional Love

We’ve been having a great time with the family as the last time you were here you were 4 months old and considerably smaller. It’s surprising how easy it is to hand you over whilst I sort out the endless list of things I need to do before we can even leave the house. You’ve had no issues going to sleep at night and I swear you sleep far better in a travel cot than you do at home.

Yesterday we visited a working farm and fed lots of lovely animals. At one point I thought id losr you to a goat, as those little buggers seemed to eat anything that came into close contact. You tried mud and leaves for the first time as yet again you have to put everything in your mouth.

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset
Stone Eating Protector

The farm was beautiful and it was a perfect Autumn day. I look around at all the little toddlers who are running about and I can’t wait for you to be old enough to enjoy this more. I am forever wishing your age away as although you can take things in whilst being pushed in a pram, you won’t know yourself when you can play, run and jump. If you’re anything like your mumma you will want to touch everything you walk past. Your dad finds it odd but I love feeling different textures across my fingers. I’m not sure if that’s classed as a slight ocd?

We are now on the three week countdown as I’ll be heading back to work. I have no idea how I’m going to cope being away from you but the positive is that we have 4 days of the week to continue exploring.

2016-09-25 06.16.00 1.jpg
Woodland Gnome

So to finish off a very fun packed week we are headed to the car boot ( don’t worry you will become very familiar with these in time) and the seaside with your cousins today. Hopefully we can squeeze in an ice cream and a game or two on the 2p machines.

Until next time my little gingerbread man.

Mumma x





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