My, Haven’t You Grown – 02.10.16

This week has been jam packed with exploration, runny shits, waking nights and new rooms. I’m trying to squeeze in as much quality time as i can with you before mumma’s got to go earn some readies to keep you clothed and fed.

Aside from exploring our wonderful county you have been keeping me awake at night. I feel like we’ve regressed back to the early months but without the feeds. I guess its a combination of teething and that restlessness you supposedly get at this age?


But, you’ve certainly not been yourself and i spent the first part of the week consoling you. Its very rare that you don’t crack a smile at least once a day, but we’ve had some very feeling sorry for our self moments. Although selfishly in a way i kind of like the fact you’re being more cuddly. The Calpol has been out and i had to stick a thermometer in your armpit. You were not keen on that, as touching anything cold makes you bawl your eyes out. God forbid i place you inside a baby grow that’s less than warm!

Although it can’t be nice for you, you’ve developed the most adorable little cough. It doesn’t seem to bother you that much but has caused you to projectile vomit a number of times. Usually over your clean clothes. Thanks kid.

I have been trying and failing to get you to eat but you just really aren’t interested. I know its because you’ve been under the weather but i do worry that you aren’t getting enough food. Although you are the size of a one year old so im pretty sure this little blip is less than detrimental to your development.

I have spend a very large portion of my week changing the most putrid and punjent nappies known to humanity. The smell has engolfed the house and no matter how many times i wash my hands i am convinced i’ve missed a bit.

Thankfully you are looking and feeling much better now. I don’t think i could cope with those nappies any longer.



Unusually we didn’t venture out of the house for a couple of days, as i didn’t want to make you feel any worse than you already did. I think i much prefer getting out and about as i feel like there is less to do around the house. So we’ve made up for it in the latter part of the week.

Although i haven’t quite finished, no scratch that, no where near finished your bedroom, it was time that you moved on to pastures new. I also wanted to show your dad that i am being proactive whilst he’s away. So i dragged your cot into the other room and readjusted it a number of times before i was happy where it was placed. I wasn’t sure if moving you would be a good idea after how you’ve been, but you are a champ. It also meant that i could buy the most incredible old school desk to fill the gap you’ve left.

You did wake up early again this morning but after a week of it, this now feels like normal. What with the cat terrorising me for feeds at 5am and you crying every few hours i feel like i’ve turned pro. I’m not entirely sure if im making a rod for my own back by having you in the bed but it seems the only thing that will stop you from crying. However, that doesn’t stop me from crying (well not actually crying, maybe wincing and yelping) when i’m being bullied in my own bed. I’ve been kicked, punched, scratched and almost suffocated by a very amorous feline wanting in on the action.

I’m not sure how i’ve managed to function, let alone pack up the mountains of supplies for a day out, but i have and i’m proud of myself for that.

We’ve been making the most of the dry weather, especially now that Autumn has made an appearance and that sunshine isn’t going to stick around for much longer. At the moment you aren’t as appreciative of how beautiful it really is, but i’m still excited to show you nonetheless.

You’ve frolicked in the leaves with one of your many admirers and giggled at the swans and ducks in the woods. I failed miserably at trying to locate some conkers but i’m sure your dad will manage to find some instead.


Today we visited the beautiful Trellisick Gardens. I didn’t realise but it was a apple festival so we got to try some freshly squeezed juice and roll around in the fallen coxes. We are now fully fledged members of the National Trust so you best get used to seeing alot more crumbly old buildings and pretty gardens. It never really bothers me that most of our days out are spent as a twosome, even if the only conversation i have with you goes something like “mum mum, blah blah” but next week that all changes as your dad is home. Thank god.

I can finally have a good tidy around and maybe even finish painting your room. He will notice a big change in you, just as much as i do on a weekly basis. Your character is increasing by the bucket load and i don’t laugh half as much any other time than when im spending it with you. Spending time with you means i can switch off to everything else. Today, and this past week has been no exception.

How do these weekly updates come around so fast? It doesn’t seem it at the time. Here’s to another.

Love Mumma







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