Autumn And Ernest

Being of the paley variety almost certainly makes me less of a fan of Summer. I become the biggest hot mess, my thighs rub together and I get the worst rash! I have been known to spray sun cream in said area just to ease the burn! That’s my serious life hack right there! Its up there with using a hair drying to iron out creases.

Don’t judge me.

I’m never going to be a size 8 and I’m ok with that but I just wish my dear mother blessed me with her skinny thigh gapped legs, not her oversized bust and IBS.

Don’t get me wrong I love going on holiday and I usually choose the most ridiculously hot locations for aesthetic reasons. If only the sun shone but it didn’t omit any heat, i’d be laughing! You can imagine what its like for a near transparent skinned and ginger, we have no hope. Now our poor offspring will face the same fate. We practically wear a t shirt in the swimming pool and never venture out between the hours of 12 and 2. You could say we are real life day walkers.


Thus leading me on to the reason i’m writing this post. Autumn.

That wonderful word Autumn. I just adore you. To me it marks the start of it getting dark earlier and the long winter months ahead. It marks the change in colours, with browns, burnt oranges and vibrant reds dominating the shubbery. It marks the aromatic smells of cinnamon and nutmeg and the comfort foods consumed.  It also has an element of nostalgia looking back to my childhood where we would go out trick or treating, wrapping up warm to go and watch the fireworks and devouring copious toffee apples (well biting the toffee off and discarding the apple). Those are lasting memories and ones i think of fondly. It was an age when we would spend more time at home as a family as the cold nights set upon us.


This time of year brings out the hibernation side to me. I love nothing more than the thought of lighting the fire, getting into my comfy clothes and snuggling on the sofa with a cheese board. It also brings out the excitement in me. The chill in the air, the endless walks through woodland searching for conkers and the hot chocolates on the beach.

How can you not love this season? I know as a nation we tend to moan about the colder months or the fact our summer has been filled with rain, but this is my favourite time of year by far. Although this time is also bittersweet as i will be returning to work in the next few weeks. However, that gives me even more reason to take the opportunity to embrace this season with wholeheartedness.


I have this vision of roaming through leafy woodlands feeling the crunch under our feet and smelling the wet dewy air as a family of three. Not counting the cat on this occasion. This will be Ernest’s very first Autumn and one i have no doubt will be documented at every turn. To me, all photographs taken at this time of year are like something from the Secret Garden or Narnia. They are just whimsical. And what makes it better this time around is that we have this gorgeous bundle of joy to experience it with.

Suddenly everything becomes about what we can do with Ernest and i love that. I’m definitely not afraid to let him get stuck in. I have no choice actually. That kid is like He Man. I struggle to contain him at times. He’s at that stage where anything at arms length needs to be grabbed or felt, albeit animal or mineral. God help them. And 9 times out of 10 whatever is in his hand will go straight in his mouth. We have to be on constant watch, but its so great to see him running his hands through the soil and clutching soggy leaves.


At the moment Ernest isn’t quite able to appreciate this magical time but he is already one for the outdoors and gets so giddy and mesmerised by all things green. His little face just lights up whenever we are out walking, so i hope he’s going to be just like his mumma on the subject of Autumn. I can’t wait until he’s that little bit bigger so his older inquisitive brain can take it all in and learn about his surroundings.

But you never know he might grow up to be a little shit and not care for the great outdoors, a girl can dream and hopefully i can instil in him some of my passions. If his dad had his way, he’d be playing video games and riding motorbikes. Time will tell.

Timmy is due home tomorrow and we have lots planned whilst he’s back. I intend to make the most of being a fully paid up National Trust member. I was vulnerable and alone with a baby, and the lady was so lovely, i couldn’t say no when she suggested it. Although it did turn out to be a huge palaver as they needed to bank account number, which i don’t know, like most things, and i ended up in their office on the PC getting it.


It was all very peculiar and I can only assume this little lady was commission based as she was clearly desperate for a sale, but i didn’t mind. I’m easily persuaded, especially as you got a little welcome pack. SOLD! Now my poor bugger of a husband is going to see every old crumbling house within a 50 mile radius, much to my great delight.

First on the agenda will be finding a pumpkin that will accommodate my son’s particularly chunky legs and cut large circular holes to fit them. I want to make him my very own pumpkin patch doll or buy some hideously cute Halloween costume instead. Either way he has little say in the matter whilst he’s unable to run away. I’m sorry kid.

Do you have any special plans for the Autumn season? Or do you prefer the warmer months? I’d love to know.








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