My, Haven’t You Grown – 09.10.16

This is the week your dad returned home from being away for what feels like forever, well it may as well be, but a whole three weeks plus three days (but who’s counting) is more than enough. It’s really starting to dawn on me that work is right around the corner. I feel like i’m harping on about it alot but i’ve been in your company for 9 months pretty much 24 hours of the day, apart from the odd day off. You are my world, my everything.

I really don’t know how i’m going to cope but i’m trying to make the most of our last few full days together. This week was no exception. After we picked up your dad from the airport we headed to see your great nanna. She is the ripe old age of 96 and as bright as a button. She cant get enough of you and says you are like a great big pudding. Its so wonderful for you to experience these moments whilst you can and to put a smile on an old girls face.


You are now measuring a ridiculous 73cm which equates to a one year old and i’m not surprised. Although i do notice that you’re growing i think your dad has got it in his head i’ve been mixing your milk with protein powder. You are so tall. I’m not quite sure where your height comes from? Maybe your dad was a basketball player in a past life.

We haven’t taken you swimming up until now, which is crazy because i’m pretty sure you are made up of 50% fish. Sometimes i think that when i bathe you, your little legs are kicking that much you could do a few laps of a pool. You are like one of those wind up bath toys and your little face just lights up. Its getting harder and harder to control you and your limbs. You definitely take after your dad for that as according to your nanna your dad was swimming before he could walk. He still has a passion for the sea whereas i avoid it at every cost.


We made it our mission to book you in for a swim session this time around, but could we find any fabric swim pants? We went to about 5 different locations before we got lucky and even then, although i got the 6-14 month size, your poor tree trunks were somewhat restricted. The fabric got lost amongst the rolls and it took me, your dad and all our strength to pull them up. As predicted, you loved swimming. Your legs were moving so fast i think if we let go you would have treaded water all on your own, but all in good time.

As the pool was so close to the beach we took a little detour there. Even though we are half way through October the weather has been very kind on us. We’ve seen little rain and the sun’s been shining! I just love that no matter where we are in Cornwall we are never too far away from the beach. It still looks just as beautiful on a winters day as it does in the summer. We watched the waves, ate a pasty ( because that’s not stereotypical) and i actually managed to get your dad to take a family selfie.


Now we are National Trust members i wanted to make the most of it. We visited a beautiful Manor House called Godolphin set amongst apple trees and manicured lawns. The house is famous for housing 11 of the 17 bats based in the UK. Although we weren’t fortunate to see any, we did take advantage of the paper masks, especially as you are bless in the ear department like this fella.

There were only a handful of people there and you could only hear the birds chirping and the sheep bahhing. We walked up and down the lawns imagining we were part of a period drama with your dad wearing a waistcoat and pocket watch and me in my corset and bonnet whilst twirling an umbrella. It was just perfect.

Your dad had heard of a beach he hadn’t been to before so we went exploring and managed to find it. But before we reached our destination we hit the mother load. I have heard of flower a stand, veg stand and egg stand but i haven’t seen a cake stand before. There were flapjacks, brownies and biscotti biscuits wrapped up in lovely cellophane bags.  So the very narrow winding roads were worth it just to sample these tasty morsels.

The beach didn’t disappoint. It was like a hidden cove with barely a sole in sight. We couldn’t take you to see it as the walk down was pretty treacherous but i braved it because i was so curious. Obviously the walk down was a sinch but i didn’t quite expect the walk back to be so hard. I pretty much stopped breathing at one point, one wrong footing and i would have ended up right back at the bottom. At least all that exercise paid off when i scoffed those three bags of cake.


So after my expedition, we topped the day off with the best burger joint this side of the Tamar bridge. Naturally. As per usual you were charming the pants off the waitresses and they even threw in a balloon animal at the end. You were delighted with it. Unfortunately as the day wore on the balloon became untangled and took on a slightly different persona, namely that of the phallic variety.

Your new favourite trick this week is to stiffen your body whenever you’re placed in a seat. Vertical planking no less. You get yourself in such a flap we have to bribe you with the car keys as they’re the only thing that snaps you out of it.

Thankfully your appetite is fully restored and you’ve been eating like a horse all week. You can tell your dad is now home as after he offered to do the morning wake up he shouted up to me and asked if giving a cup of tea to you was a good idea or not. But actually even with my huge disapproving no, he had already done it. God forbid what he’s going to feed you when i return to work. I think its best i don’t find out.

Next week you turn 9 months and i can’t quite believe it. To think that you’ll be one in three months is quite a scary thought.

Until next time my ginger winger.

Mumma x



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