My, Haven’t You Grown – 23.10.16

This week has been fraught with change. You still aren’t completely your happy self but we now find ourselves in the throws of teething. My once 7-6 sleeper is now waking at regular intervals in the night, crying and fussing.

Its heartbreaking to see your little face so upset whilst your crying out ‘mum, mum, mum’ over and over again. Your rosy cheeks, snotty nose and little red ear just break my heart. You’ve become so introvert and sleepy as i’m sure its really taking it out of you. Although i’m not complaining about the cuddles i’m getting in the process. All i can do is sooth you and try not to get caught up in the emotion. I’ve definitely become more resilient to the tears and I know sometimes there is nothing i can do but offer my love and affection.

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I just hope that once a little teethie peg pops through it gets easier for you. I’ve really been struggling this week to get you to eat but i think i’ve figured out that you much prefer to be baby led. It could be that the chewing is helping with the pain but if it gets you to have something more than bread and biscotti biscuits I’ll be happy. Your dad thinks im turning you into a vegan but i want you to have a full and varied diet. If he had his way you’d be eating ice cream until its pouring out of your ears or fistfulls of those bloody biscotti biscuits.

On top of that you’ve had to adjust to the fact im now a working mum. After nearly nine months with you, its very strange that i won’t see much of you for three days of the week. You’ve taken to it very well actually. There is no greater feeling than seeing you at the end of the day with a big smile on your face. I’m not quite sure if its because you recognise me or because you’ve missed me but i’m going to believe in the latter on this occasion.

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My biggest fear is that you’re going to achieve a big milestone whilst i’m working. I’m just going to have to accept that its a strong possibility. Your poor dad has to miss out on so much of your growth and development so i should be happy that i get to see alot more. At the moment i have your dad to fall upon for the morning work run but i think i’m going to struggle getting you and myself ready and out the door by 8.30am. I’m sure it will all become like second nature once ive got in the swing of things.

Its so strange not to fill our days with exploration so i want to make sure that we get as much out of my free days as we can. Your dad will be going back to work next week, then its one more trip home before Christmas. Time is whizzing by and before we know it you’ll be trying to pull down the tree. I still haven’t decided if its a good idea to get one or not as you already manage to get across the room just by rolling. By the time you’re eleven months, you’ll want to be in everything. So it could be safer to have something on the wall instead. Although i do love the smell of a fresh Christmas tree.

Processed with VSCOProcessed with VSCO

Autumn is still well and truely in full swing so yesterday id planned for us to have a family day. These types of day sometimes come few and far between but they are always the best. However like many planned things, it doesn’t always go to plan. The weather was horrendous, so horrendous that the gardens id planned for us to visit were closed due to extreme weather!

So what were we going to do now? It’s so hard to think of something else when you’re thrown like that but we headed to another favourite of mine, the Potager Garden. Your dad had never been before and he loved it. So we sat, drank tea and fussed over you.

The sun started to break through so we headed back to Falmouth but stopped off at a few beaches to watch the waves come crashing in. It was just beautiful. I went for the beauty, your dad went to check the surf.

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And just to round of the day we went home and made Lemon Possett and Orange Shortbread. It was delicious.

Let’s hope we at least see some evidence of a tooth next week. Fingers crossed.

Love Mumma X


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  1. Hope a tooth appears soon! x


    1. Aw thank you. Do you know what, it did today! Xxx


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