My, Haven’t You Grown – 30.10.16

We’ve just got back from your very first Halloween party. Although i had ideas of grandeur for your outfit i ended up panic buying (and almost shoplifting) a dog outfit. You looked so adorable i just couldn’t resist it and i’m sure you’ll thank me for it in later years when i get the offending photos out and embarrass the hell out of you.

You were loving all the different colours and sounds and you even had your first taster of jelly and fireworks. You really didn’t make much of the fireworks and pretty much kept a straight face the whole time, but the jelly blew your mind.

You were literally grabbing food off peoples plates and there was no stopping you. It went straight in your gob, no messing. That in itself was funny enough but adding the fact you were dressed as a dog was simply priceless.


Today you’ve been fussing again but we are beginning to see the top of some little teethie pegs. I have to try and pull your mouth down when you’re sleeping to catch a glimpse but when i do my heart just fills with joy. These little milestones are just the most exciting moments for me. Although its bittersweet that you’re no longer my little baby, its just amazing to see what a little man you are growing into.

Teething is definitely taking its toll on you and i just want to help you through it. Being at work now means that these moments are not mine, they are someone elses. There is nothing greater than a cuddle from your mumma as it always makes things better.

The clocks went back last night and in my past pre baby life i would be jumping for joy at the extra hour i gained. It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows when you decided that 5am was going to be your moment to shine as the brightest bushiest tailed boy of them all. I tried my very hardest to get you to sleep a little longer with me in my bed but you were having none of it. That one once glorious hour has now turned into a living nightmare.

You’ve still got a nasty cough and cold so you are constantly snotting everywhere, mainly down my lovely clean clothing but i’ll forgive you as i love you too much to care. I guess i’m just going to have to get used to this happening more and more, especially at this time of year too.


Your dad left for work this week and i wasn’t sure how i was going to cope with doing the work/drop off run. Its definitely something i need to work on but actually i think i did better on my own. I tend to get a little lazy when your dad’s around as an extra pair of hands can have its benefits namely lie ins and cleaning. He’ll be gone now for another three or so weeks and then its one more trip back home before Christmas. I’m hoping we do lots of lovely things as he’ll be away for it this year, but we won’t talk about that just yet.

I find it quite hard that on the days i work when i do come and collect you, although you are pleased to see me, its a quick hello and then its time to get you ready for bed. I wish there were 100 hours in the day so that i didn’t spend three days a week rushing. If time could just stand still for a little longer i could take my time putting you to bed.

At the moment you don’t really know whether you’re coming or going and the usual routine we have is altered. I notice that you struggle to get settled and i’m having to sooth you to sleep before you go in your cot or you cry when i leave you. Its so difficult but i know that it will all come right in the end and the work life balance will even out.

Tomorrow we are heading out for the day as i’m desperate to finish off your bedroom and as it’s woodland inspired i want to bring the outdoors inside. You are going to absolutely love it. Trust me. It is also the last day of October. There are no truer words spoken than those of Anne Of Green Gables when she said “Im so glad i live in a world where there are Octobers”. I couldn’t agree more and i’m sad to see it go.


Until next time my little ginger winger.

Mumma x



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