My, Haven’t You Grown – 06.11.16

I can’t believe its November and next week you’ll be turning 10 months! 10 months! This week all that hurt and pain has started to go away and finally i can see two beautiful teeth erupting in your mouth. They feel bigger than they look but my gosh they are sharp when you fancy a munch on one of my fingers.

They have got to be the most perfect looking pegs i’ve ever seen. I can’t tell you how excited i am at the thought of you having teeth. I’m always glancing at you trying to imagine how you’ll look when you’re a little bit older.

Everyday i look at you with more and more love. You are such a bonny boy. Everyone tells me how content you are and that you’re always so happy to just sit and entertain yourself without a fuss. I know how lucky i am and i’m sure once you’re mobile it will change, but for now ill hold on to that little boy.


Although, just before i started writing this and before i put you to bed, there was a glimmer of hope that you were attempting to crawl. You lifted your whole body up and then started whinging as you could see your bottle in the distance. You certainly know what that is! It’s like liquid gold. Your arms go out, you make a grabbing sign with your hands and your mouth is as wide as the English Channel.

That is great and everything mate but i’m now having to hide it, especially when we are out and about. You cry blue murder if its not presented to you there and then on a silver platter. You crack me up kid. You’re face could tell a thousand stories as its full of expression.

This week we’ve been doing what we love the most and exploring our beautiful county. I’ve been trying to get braver with my choices as i tend to just stick to the same things.


On Monday i had really wanted to take you to Glendurgan Gardens after two previous failed attempts. I was so excited. I drove there with a huge smile on my face as the sun was shining and it was just the most perfect autumn day. I want to try and make the most of our new National Trust membership too. As i approached and turned the corner i was met with a huge sign saying they were yet again closed. I was gutted! My whole plan for us to find our way out of the maze was crushed. I should have perhaps, in hindsight, checked the website. Its now closed. Until March.

So what do you do now with no plans and a baby in the back who is very close to milk time? I changed my mind once or twice and drove up and down the same road a couple of times trying to figure out where to take you. It was already fairly late as we’d been at your cousins taking silly pictures of you in a skeleton baby grown. It was Halloween after all! So Trelissick it was! I do love it there.

I remembered going a few weeks back and seeing a sign for a beach so i thought id check that out first. I needn’t have bothered. It wasn’t so much a beach, more like a Watersports Centre, Boatyard, a small pebbled area and some dirty looking water with hundreds of buoys floating in it. It wasn’t the paradise i’d hoped for but it gave me somewhere to feed you.


I was starving and whilst i sorted you out, as per usual i hadn’t sorted myself and i had to sit there staring directly into a car filled with people eating pasties. I thought i would treat myself to a nice bit of luncheon when we got to Trelissick but the fancy restaurant was closed. So i just had to put up with a cold sausage and red cabbage sandwich and a large packet of shortbread biscuits from the cafe. Both actually turned out to be the best thing id eaten in ages.

We took a walk down to the little beach they have there and it was just so peaceful. The air was still, the water was sparkling and all you could hear was the sound of dogs running along it and the owners shouting their names. I hoped we could sit there for a while but you had other plans, such as eating the sand, and just generally covering yourself in it. You are now getting to the point where you are a wriggle wart but you don’t walk or crawl. You are so strong that i struggle to contain you when you go stiff as a board and decide you aren’t sitting up, you’re just going to make sand angels instead.

So we headed to the woodland instead where you were firmly secured in your stroller. I wasn’t sure if it was suitable for strollers as it didn’t say otherwise but actually whilst i was feeling adventurous, i thought we’d give it a go. It turned out to be a very lovely walk. It did get a little bumpy on the way through but we made it out the other side just in time to see the King Harry Ferry crossing. Next summer i hope you are walking so that i can take you across and show you where me and your dad got married. It’s such a beautiful spot but i think if i even attempted to try and carry you in a sling i might just snap in half. I really should go and check your weight. Currently according to my arms you are measuring at fat lump.


The next three days consisted of me rushing to get you ready, dumping you on your nanny or aunty and heading to work. Now that the weathers turning its going to get more difficult to try and get out and about on my days off. We do live in the most beautiful part of the country but the wettest and i don’t fancy that at all. Warm blankets, cuddles and a good Disney is going to start being the norm as winter draws in, but i do hope that we still get a few dry days. I’m so glad my working days fly by. Before i know it, i’ve got four days off with you again! Bliss!

After seeing how much you loved the piggy on your first little holiday i thought i’d take you to Roskilly’s Farm. Unfortunately the pigs were nowhere to be found! But we did see some goats, chickens and ducks. They have a lovely little woodland walk where you can see the sea and stroll through fields filled with apple trees. I may have taken a few apples as it didn’t look like they were using them.

Every time we even step foot into a woodland or a very leafy area you just get so excited. I really hope when you’re walking that you’re going to continue to embrace this side of you. It’s so wonderful to watch. It wasn’t the nicest day and the rain dipped in and out but i took you to a beach that was close to the farm as its just so pretty.


We had a little walk along the shoreline and watched the locals building a huge fire in preparation for Guy Fawkes. You managed to fill your face with sand again, great, and i managed to get us lost on the way home. I think my days of exploring new places because the name sounds interesting are over. It only leads to bumpy roads and dead ends.Thankfully you don’t mind being in the car and you slept for most of it.

Today we have spent a very lazy day indoors whilst i catch up with the mountain of chores i’ve neglected. I’ve simply been having too much fun with you. I even managed to bake an apple pie with the apples i *cough* stole yesterday.

So tomorrow promises to be a uninterrupted sunny day, so i’m getting your bag ready tonight and we are off out. I was thinking the zoo.

Until next time sweetness.




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