My, Haven’t You Grown- 13.11.16

So here we are. Today you turn 10 months and funnily enough this is our 10th installment of My, Haven’t You Grown. Could my little boy really be so grown up? You weigh a hefty 24lbs and don’t I know it, or should I say doesn’t my back know it. You are so bloody close to that all important first birthday now! And yet you are still so far away from crawling or walking. I do get a little anxious sometimes but I think it’s more that i’m frustrated, than I’m worried that you haven’t quite mastered it yet.

Any sane person would take it as a blessing in disguise. Every baby is different and unfortunately you chose to take my lazy gene when you came into this world.


This week, as weeks go, has been fairly uneventful. The weather can always put a dampener on our plans but it didn’t stop us from going to the zoo on Monday. I had actually planned to take you somewhere else but yet again my prior preparation resulted in a piss poor performance and it was closed. I did wonder why the car park was sooooo empty whilst I circled it a few times to get the right space. Once parked, it quickly became apparent that this place was like a ghost town.

The zoo was just a little further down the road so it seemed logical. We aren’t talking grand scale here, but if you’re looking for a handful of monkeys, a couple of lions and a few meerkats you’re onto a winner. African safari this is not.

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO

You weren’t particularly bothered about the whole experience but i persevered. I guess you’re perhaps a little too young to really appreciate it all just yet. Even if you weren’t that keen i enjoyed myself. The penguins and the piggies were definitely the best.

Work and practical things have slightly eaten me up this week so our usual fun filled days have gone on the back burner. We are almost half way through November and its still giving us the odd cracking day. So rather than waste these precious moments we got up early, got ready and headed out for a walk with your mate Isla.

Processed with VSCO

You cant take your eyes or lips off her when you’re near her and its so funny to see how dominated you are by the ladies in your life. You have your little harem made up of Isla, Hetti and Ivy and all three of them either beat you or smother you. Unfortunately my friend you are seriously outnumbered and they know it. Who knows what the future holds, you might have your future wife amongst them! Not Ivy, as she’s your cousin and that would be all kinds of wrong!

You and Isla have spend the day all snuggled up being carted around in your thrown’s, whilst your mothers have been sweating their tits off pushing you. Its been a perfect crisp day and the sun even made an appearance.

We went on a really long walk and i collected up some holly and red berry leaves to either use in your bedroom or to try and make some kind of wreath. We’ve spotted lots of little robins today and that automatically makes me feel so festive.  After all, we haven’t got long really.

Processed with VSCO

You could say this has been the most perfect Sunday. After our walk we went for a lovely roast dinner, something i haven’t had in a while. You loved it. But then you love everything that gets put in your mouth. Then to top it off we headed to the beach. Yet again you managed to put fists full of sand in your mouth before i could stop you. You love it at the beach and i’m counting down the days when you can run along it and make sand castles. Currently the only sand castles you are making are the ones in your pants after a large consumption of it.

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO

Next week your daddies home! I cant wait! We always have so much fun when he’s around. We have the added bonus of a night up in Exeter to see the pretty Christmas lights and to visit a beautiful National Trust manor house. Oh to be you. Life would be so simple.

Until next time buddy

Love Mumma



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