My, Haven’t You Grown – 20.11.16

I’m not going to lie the beginning of the week started off pretty bloody shit. But this was the week that your dad came home from the rigs. Work has really been quite hectic which makes for a stressful environment and its obviously not something i want to feel when i come home to you. Its hard enough as it is leaving you for three days but i’m not going to let it get me down as there are more important things to look forward to.

It’s this time of year that it gets harder for your dad to get home. He travels so far and by so many different modes of transport that it doesn’t always work out as planned. I know that whenever he’s delayed it always hits him hard but now that your in the picture it makes it even more difficult. All he wants to do is get back to his family.

I just love the moment he first sees you after almost a whole month away. You grow and develop so fast that he notices it so much more than i do and it really is a special moment.

Your lovely golden locks are really starting to thicken out now and your face is no longer baby like. You’re not my baby anymore, you’re my boy.

This week you started waving and you’re so pleased with yourself. Its probably one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a while apart from your pretty face everyday of course. Its crazy that on a daily basis you will just do something new that fills me so full with love. Although you are still far from crawling, your dad was absolutely wetting himself at how good you are at rolling around the floor and getting what you want. Crawling ain’t got nothing on rolling mate!  You don’t even stop anymore you just keep going!

You are certainly a very strong boy and your seat is starting to become surplus to requirement. You bounce so hard that the back completely falls flat and you end up wriggling out of the harness. You have no fear and you’re quite happy to just topple over without a whimper.

I guess i notice your development a lot more when you aren’t spending a good part of the day strapped into a pram. Its been raining and miserable on my days off so its certainly harder to get you out and about. You’ve still got quite a chesty cough and i think putting you in the cold will be a bad idea. Cornwall is the most beautiful place but when it rains its very hard to find things to do to occupy you.

Staying in definitely has its benefits though and I’ve been baking up a storm in the kitchen. I’ve found a new passion for baking, not that i’m any good, but i like to experiment so that i can give you treats that I’ve made and not ones bought in a shop.

I don’t think you’re fussed though as you’re happy to put anything in your mouth. I have no issues when it comes to feeding you now and its such a joy to see you experiment with different tastes and textures. You love really flavoursome foods just like your mumma. I reckon pretty soon you’ll be joining me and your dad for a curry!

Today we are headed up to Exeter for a change of scenery and hopefully to escape the rain. I’ve planned for us to go to a local Manor House that’s been decked out in all things Christmas and i really can’t wait. I just love spending time with you and your dad with the added bonus of the great outdoors. We haven’t actually taken you away to a hotel before  but i reckon if you can withstand a Yurt for the weekend you can stay in a hotel.

It’s now starting to get to the point where we don’t have to take so much stuff with us and we aren’t panicking if we’ve forgotten a bottle or to fill the flask up. Your feeds are not as close together so our time is now spent enjoying you and not feeding, changing and winding you.

I’m so excited to share all our lovely adventures next week. Until then.

Love Mumma



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  1. thisblissedlife says:

    lovely post xx


    1. Thank you so much for reading xx


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