My, Haven’t You Grown – 27.11.16

Ok so before we get started i just want to apologise to you for being the worst mum ever. How did i not realise that I’ve been getting your age wrong for so long? You’ve got a whole two weeks before you reach the 10 month mark! At least we get to celebrate it all over again! So its official you are a giant! You’re in the 90th centile for weight and height and you’re bloody thriving.

This week is officially the start of Christmas. We’ve had such a busy few days and its really caught up on you. You’ve got a stinking cold and you sound like an old man who’s smoked 50 fags a day.

At the beginning of the week we went up to Exeter to do a bit of Christmas shopping and of course we squeezed in a trip to a lovely National Trust House. I think I was the most excited as any excuse to have a different change of scenery is always welcomed. We had the most beautiful winters day to enjoy it with too. The sun was shining and the air was crisp. The grounds of the manor house were filled with all things festive. There were baubles hanging from the trees, wicker Rudolph’s, wooden elves and huge trees covered in fairy lights.

You were fascinated by it all as we walked up to the house. When we got inside each room was a different Brothers Grimm theme. I felt like we were taken back in time and it was definitely a great sensory experience for you. You couldn’t wait to get your hands on all the little tree ornaments which is why i’ve also decided that getting a tree, although it will kill me not to, is not the best idea. You cant be trusted to stay away from it and I can’t compromise by putting it up high and out of reach. Its not the same. However I am going to Christmas the shit out of the fire place and surrounding areas. Who needs a Christmas tree anyw

The grounds to Killerton House were so beautiful and I had your dad scoaring the undergrowth for pinecones. I just have this idea of bringing the outdoors in and I wanna make your bedroom like a woodland. You love being outside and although I’m sure when your a little older you’ll want to fill your room with something that ill hate, for now I get to choose. We *cough* your dad managed to get enough pinecones to keep me going for a while. He is a good egg that one. He will do just about anything if I say its for you.

After a lovely few hours walking through fields and fields of beauty we headed towards Exeter to check into our hotel. This was actually fairly pain free as your dad gets a right sweat on if he has to drive in a town. He hates everything about it. I wasn’t sure how you were going to be as this is the first time we’ve stayed away from home outside of visiting family. You know that you have that comfort and familiarity but actually although you weren’t keen on having a nap AT ALL you were really well behaved.

When it got dark, which is about 4pm at the moment, we took a stroll into Exeter town centre so we could have a look at the lovely Christmas lights. Your dad was itching to get some kind of festive beverage at the markets too. And the lights really didn’t disappoint. We are yet to be dazzled by the lights of Falmouth but i’m pretty sure I could do a better job with a few of those 99p battery operated fairy lights from Home Bargains if previous years are to go by.

The Christmas market was filled with lots of pretty things and looked like a load of sheds lined up in a row. If my stomach and wallet would allow I would have tried every food stall going. It all smelt so good. Your dad managed to find somewhere to warm his tummy with a mulled wine whilst I attempted to try and squeeze on the little sheep skin booties we bought for you. Your dad told me they would be too small but the size he wanted to buy wouldn’t have fit you for about three years and I wanted them now. Annoyingly he was right but I wasn’t going to admit it so I told him they fit when in reality your heal wasn’t anywhere near the right place.

The next day was absolutely pissing down with rain, apparently as much as they usually see in a whole month. Great! It wouldn’t have been that bad if id brought a waterproof coat and if your stroller had the right rain cover. We had to improvise with the rain cover for the big pram and needless to say it didn’t fit. We managed to get it to stay put but it only covered half of the buggy and the little window was just letting water in. You ended up with wet legs which may have been the starting point to a pretty rubbish week for you.

We got most of our shopping done and I picked up some cute little knitwear for our trip to Wales next month. Your dad had to rush off to John Lewis to use their facilities which i was glad of as I don’t think I could take the rancid smell that was coming out of his ass on the car ride home. No siree! They say romance is dead, not me and your dad, its so alive its on fire. I received a text as I was heading over to meet him that read “It was pure water and smelt worse than that fart….where r u?” Yes son i too was speechless and nearly got us mowed down by a car with my lack of concentration and gag reflex.

However on the ultimate plus side we had a plan to buy me a new perfume as we do every year. I like your dad to choose for me as I’m so fussy and it takes the stress away. I have totally been sucked in by the whole Jo Malone craze so i stirred him in that direction. After smelling a few he chose one that we both liked and headed to the counter.

I think your dads ass fell out for a second time when the till rung up a hefty £105. Sorry kid Christmas was cancelled from that moment and i haven’t heard the end of it since.

Although the weather wasn’t great we had a lovely few days away just being a family. It really is good to get some uninterrupted time just the three of us as we tend to see this person and that person whenever your dad’s back.

This was also the first week your dad had you for a few days whilst i was at work. He did an absolutely grand job and i really think that its helped you took to bond. You are definitely a mummies boy when you want to be but i can now see a shift in your behaviour which i’m loving. There is nothing greater than the sight of you guys together having a moment. And what greater way than getting your dad to wear the baby harness and carry you up the side of a cliff! I have been trying and trying for months to get him to use it and finally after i told him how much it fucks me off that he doesn’t, because he knew i was mad, he caved in. If you didn’t weigh a ton and i didn’t have such bad back pain you would be attached to me all day long.

We walked along the coastal path taking in the amazing views. Its a shame the tide was in when we set off as we would have taken a longer stroll on the beach too. It was lovely to get out in the fresh air after working for a few days but i feel so guilty that i made your cough and cold worst by taking you outside. I guess you live and learn and for the past few days i’ve made sure you’ve been indoors getting all the love and cuddles you need to make you feel better.

We only have one more week until your dad is off to work again until after Christmas so we best make the most of it kidda.

Until next time.

Mumma x







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