My Haven’t You Grown – 21.12.16

I can’t believe its been nearly a month since I did one of these updates and my haven’t we had some changes. First things first you celebrated being 10 months again after my little slip up. I’ve been so busy with work and quite frankly had very little interest in anything but slob and slouch that i’ve neglected this somewhat. I actually think its better on a monthly basis as from time to time we have our off days or nothing really happens that I have very little to write about.

However this month, if its even possible, you’ve literally filled my heart with joy, my face with smiles and my belly with laughs. Your character is really shining through now and you’ve certainly got your dads cheeky side, especially when i’m feeding you. You pull a screw face then shake your head from side to side. This has now become your new favourite thing to do. It’s lovely actually as you’re telling me you’ve had enough, rather than smacking it out of my hand. I usually get food in every possible crevasse known to man.

You are definitely more confident with your food now too and I don’t feel so anxious when I give you something. Although you have been out of sorts for a while with a cough and cold, eating has taken a bit of a back step and we are just making sure you get something in your belly. If you want chocolate cake. You have chocolate cake. Doctors orders. You’ve decided that if anybody coughs you are going to cough too. Anything you can do…….and so it goes! You are a big show off and love to have all the attention centred on you. Whether that’s a fake cough or you are screaming at granddad for some reason. All I know is your voice is well and truly heard.


You’re also teething a lot and I can see them trying to break through at the top. Its mad to think that one day you’re a gummy bear and the next you’ve got little teethie pegs in your gob. I almost hope that they start to come through before your dad gets back from work so he can see how well you’re doing. I love that initial look on his face when he sees you for the first time after three weeks. There is no better feeling than the one to have him home where he belongs.

I am yet to see you crawl but we’re definitely making head way with your standing and taking steps. You will only really try if you’re desperate to grab something so i’ve been trying to bribe you. I reckon you’ll be walking in the next few months, although I wont hold my breath you lazy git. Currently you are taking steps backwards when I hold your hands. Its not perfect but its progress right?

Everything seems that little bit easier now as you are growing and becoming more independent. You like to feed yourself in the mornings and at night which is perfect for me when I’m prepping your bag for the day. I should have realised this new found independence when I took you out for a walk without strapping you in. I honesty thought that you wouldn’t budge but you just have to look around at absolutely everything. Unfortunately what you wanted to look at was on the floor so you did a kamikaze forward flip out of your pram. When I looked down and realised you were hanging from the smallest piece of material on your cozy toes, I gave out the loudest and most petrified shriek ive ever done.


However the scream happened to occur in a pretty built up area of the town and I reckon most of the residents witnessed my massive fail in parenting that day. Obviously no babies were hurt in the making of this #parentingtheshitoutoflife movie but I was so incredibly embarrassed, that I then started to laugh uncontrollably as I replayed my horrendous shriek back in my head over and over again. I promptly strapped you in so tight that its highly possible I cut off the circulation to your arms.

Winter has well and truly hit which has meant more days indoors and less outside exploring. I also don’t want to risk making you any worse than you already are but I find myself going stir crazy staying in all day. We have managed to visit a few National Trust properties but all my plans to do lots of Christmas things with you have sort of gone out the window. I’ve just about managed to erect a Christmas tree on the wall from wood and twine which actually thinking about it, could have more hazard risks than a real tree.


Christmas is in a matter of days and ill be lucky if I get any presents organised. I’ve got one more day of work before three days off with you to get ourselves ready for the big event.

In an ideal world i’ll have all the washing done, dishes put away and have the house smelling of every scented candle I own. If Santa could grant me one wish this Christmas it would be that. Its the least he can do.

Merry Christmas my little pudding.

P.s. I might have a very adorable outfit for you to wear that involves tights and a hat with berries on. Don’t hate me. Its Christmas.


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