My Haven’t You Grown – 23.01.17

So here we are again. One month down. Since the last update we’ve entered a new year which is just mad. It scares me how much you’re developing at the moment. Every day seems to bring a new trick or trait. Gone are the days where you would sit for five minutes and watch a bit of tv whilst I grabbed a shower and sorted out the days provisions.

We are suddenly plonking you in your cot with a shed load of toys and a bottle in the hope that you won’t figure out how to stand and topple out of it. You crave constant stimulation which is fantastic but it also means that i’m even more drained than I thought was possible. I used to dream of far flung destinations and new wardrobes, now I just dream of my next lie in.

Even when your dads home and he takes you down in the morning I just cant quite relax. So before I know it i’m wondering down stairs too instead of taking my opportunity. He says I manage to always time it perfectly for when he’s made himself a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea. However, in reality he doesn’t take the grill out after he’s made it so all the fat gets heated up and the house smells like a greasy spoon.

Processed with VSCO

You’ve decided after nearly 12 months of your life that you want to ‘crawl’ this past wee or so. We use this term very loosely as your idea of crawling is doing The Worm. Although its hella funny, you have on numerous occasions hit your face on objects such as doors and floors when you are trying to get somewhere. This only results in tears or an almighty tantrum. I really think you’ll master it pretty soon as you’re so so close. Its funny as you’re so pleased with yourself when you’re causing absolute mayhem and you do this fake laugh. The world is now your oyster and you’re managing to get to places you hadn’t managed before. I’m trying to get you to understand that some things aren’t to be touched so ‘no’ has widely been used.

I know you know what it means as when I say it you stop what you’re doing, stare at me for a second or two, give me a smirk and then go back to pulling over coal buckets or smashing shit up.

I can already see that you have no fear. You’ll launch yourself off the sofa, throw yourself back when i’m holding you or giggle like mad when you’re being flung high up in the air.  Whether that’s because you are too young to gauge a situation or because you just love the thrill of it, but i’m having great fun watching that side to you unfold. This is something you get from your dad as I panic at any situations that includes a plant, animal or mineral.

20170121161956Processed with VSCO

You’ve now got four beautiful little teethy pegs. When you got the first two it didn’t really effect me that much as they seemed to take forever to break through. I think now that you have two at the top you suddenly seem so much older and they literally came out of nowhere. Your face has totally changed and you’re beginning to look like an actual boy.

We visited a friend recently who’s just had a little boy of her own and to think that you where once that small, making those cute little noise and requiring all the love and attention, just baffles me. Now you are this little determined independent child who is fast approaching their first birthday. You’re a kind hearted soul with a constant smile on your face and you’re changing on a daily basis. It amazes me at the little person you’ve become overnight. You really are an absolute joy to be around.

You’re starting to realise your own mind and that fiery hair definitely comes out in your temperament too. God forbid anyone eating in front of you and not offering any!? What do you do if you cant ask for some I wonder? Well first of all, you scream blue murder at them and then you just wag your tongue in and out of your mouth frantically, in the hope someone will give you what you want. I can already see that you’re going to be a strong willed and strong minded little boy.

Processed with VSCOProcessed with VSCOProcessed with VSCO

We’ve had a bit of sickness in our household this past month but you’ve taken it like a trooper. We’ve had the delightful sickness bug which resulted in a few nights of projectile vomiting. I woke up to the sound of you being sick in your bed which was equally scary as well as disgusting. Its funny really because if I woke to your dad being sick next to me I would have an altogether different reaction. My instinct was to scoop you up and take you to bed with me so I could give you all the cuddles amongst all the sick.

I actually felt like we were re-enacting a scene from the exorcist when you would shoot bold upright and puke. I was catching it in my hands or anything I could find to hand which unfortunately was my lovely clean washing in a pile on the floor. It serves me right for not putting it away I guess. I was so tired that I wasn’t bothered that I had crusty sick on me but having to change your shit river ass at 4am was definitely not my finest hour and is one I hope to never experience again. The smell alone cleared my blocked nose.

Thankfully as you were in a comatose state you just lay there and let me do it. Had this been during the day, we would have had a different outcome. I have to chase you half way across the room just to stick a nappy on you these days. I’ve tried using pull ups, which are great but they are so impractical. How on earth are you supposed to apply Sudocrem to a bottom and then pull them up? It just goes everywhere and the sides start to open which is not ideal.


In just a few small weeks you will be turning one. Eeeeeekk!! I know I’ve been saying it for months, but i’m hoping to get your bedroom finished before the big day. I haven’t really planned on getting you a great deal but I know that this would be the icing on the cake. What with your bedroom and birthday, Pinterest has never seen so much action. I absolutely love to throw a shindig so your birthday is no exception. Although it will be tamer than i’m used to, I’m still gonna had my flare.

Lets hope my next update will be filled with the finished article.


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