On The Move

Its really been a long time coming and something that i’d almost wished for initially. Partly because I didn’t want Ernest to be one of those kids that takes ages to do things and partly for selfish reasons. If he crawled or walked it meant that I didn’t have to lump him around everywhere. The days would be filled with us running around rather than me nursing a sore back from carrying 26lbs of chunk gingerness.

I guess it did bother me in the beginning that Ernest wasn’t moving as fast as other kids or doing things quite as quickly as id expected. I would see people with children much younger who were sitting up, crawling or even walking and Ernest would barely roll over.

Then I came to the realisation that actually they are all different and if it takes him a long time to do something then its nothing to worry about or be bothered by. He’s just doing things at his own pace and i’m ok with that.  So to my absolute amazement Ernest decided that he’d crawl completely out of nowhere. Now, if you read my last post you’ll know that it wasn’t a conventional crawl and more of a drag but my god that kid was so pleased with himself.

This last week or so has just come and hit me in the face. Ernest has suddenly become so independent. I can see the little cogs turning in his head when he’s shuffling towards the most dangerous items in the house. I’ve had to basically remove any item that lived on or near the floor as no matter how many times I say no, he turns and looks at me, gives me the biggest smile and proceeds to reach for the coal bucket. How do they have such a talent for finding anything that could potentially harm them? I have never been so tired as I have recently. My eyes have to be everywhere.

I love the fact that I could walk into the kitchen and I just see this little face poke around the corner to see where I’m going. Alan is absolutely terrified and runs for the hills as soon as Ernest makes a beeline.

Its getting harder to keep him occupied so now I have to fill the lounge with as many toys as I can, just to pop to the loo. I honestly didn’t realise how difficult it would start to get. Ernest has two small naps in the day and other than that he’s on the go constantly from the moment he wakes in the morning.

The mornings were always my favourite. I would bring him into my room as soon as he started to stir and we would have an extra cuddle. Now Ernest is up and that’s it. No cuddles. He’s just doing everything he can to get off the bed. Usually some kind of kamikaze roll where I just manage to catch him before he falls.

As i’m on my own for weeks at a time I’ve had a routine in place that works for me. Making sure i have everything sorted for work and dropping him off can be pretty tough when doing it on your own. I’ve had to totally adapt this since Ernest grew legs. Mornings are now running down stairs to make a bottle, sitting Ernie in his cot with said bottle and dashing in the shower to have the quickest wash of my life. This morning I ended up shampooing my hair twice because I was too tired to realise. These days i’m basically sleeping with my eyes open.

This sudden change in mobility has made me realise that my baby is no longer a baby. He’s carving out his own little path in life. Choosing where he wants to go. Slowly but surely he’s going to realise that he just needs to stand up and take those first steps. I have a feeling we are quite far off this point so I’m currently enjoying seeing my creation make his own decisions.

All those tired nights unknowingly waking up on the sofa, those battles to change his nappy as he twists and turns and those weary bones from running around after him are worth it just to see my baby discover his own mind and learn without being taught. It’s simply amazing to watch him understand how his body moves, even if his new movements mimic that of a dolphin.

He may not be doing it the conventional way, but he’s doing it his way and that’s all that matters.






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