My Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Ernest was barely four weeks old on my first ever Mothers day. Those days seem somewhat of a blur especially as he wasn’t at his best. I was tired, emotional and dealing with a child who at the time hadn’t been diagnosed with Silent Reflux. So actually I think I would have welcomed something special but Timmy wasn’t so keen. Ill give him his dues he did come home with some Tulips but i later found out my friend saw him at the supermarket, bought them for me and then conveniently he forgot to mention that part.

I know mothers day wasn’t designed to be one of those fads like Valentines Day but you know we all love a gimmick. Or is that just me!? I pretend i’m not interested when I see all these amazing gestures but i’m not gonna lie I want all the flowers and I want all the breakfast in bed. Who doesnt want a day to feel special for a day? Its hardwork for sure and  hugely rewarding but its nice to recognise this. I long for a lie in and I know I need to wait a million years before I even catch a glimpse of one. So if i cant have one of those, some little treats will do.

Although I am selfishly thinking of myself I also have to remember that I too have a mum. If I grow up to be half as amazing and beautiful as she is I’ll die a happy women. Don’t get me wrong she does annoy me too, especially when I’m driving or she’s commenting on the cleanliness of my house or when she makes big gasps and shits herself when Ernest attempts to fly off the sofa and I’m already there to catch him but she also feeds me when I don’t have the energy to cook, keeps me company on my days off, makes me laugh when shes being a total dope and helps me out when Timmies away. She is one of the most selfless women I know plus completely Ernest adores her. So I know that she deserves to be recognised for being the best mum, for being my mum.

I have to say that I am pretty terrible when it comes to Christmas and I usually rush the purchase or to be fair my mum is direct, she knows what she likes, so before i’ve even brooched the subject she’s already saying “if you want an idea” So this year I’m trying to be slightly more organised and I’ve compiled a list of items that I think will brighten any ones day. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to think up gift ideas so maybe my choices might give you a bit of inspiration. Its a list of all the things I love.

Its not often that I think about what I want, so I did find this hard. However, once I started I discovered all these things I suddenly needed in my life. Like needed. Who knew!?

1. Selfish Mother Sweatshirt

Yes I am a total walking cliché and I love nothing more than having the words mother emblazoned on my jumper. My pre pregnancy days would have sneered the very idea of it, but when I wear mine I feel like its a silent nod to all the other mumma’s out there taking each day at a time. It also hides my mum tum very well and currently thats a major godsend. What’s so great about it, is it’s really comfortable, it comes in lots of designs and best of all £10.00 from each sale goes to charity, not to mention it’s made by a fellow mother.


You can find everything you need to know here

2. Beards And Daisies – The Letterbox Florist

I love nothing more than having a house filled with flowers. When I became a grown up and got a mortgage, I had this vision of a clean home, cookies baking in the oven and little jars of posies littering my shelving, although for the most part none of that has transpired, flowers are a must. Whether that’s some cheapie roses from Lidl or a big bouquet from a florist, I honestly think fresh flowers have magical happiness powers. That being said this particular company deliver straight through your letterbox. They have the most beautiful and not so typical hand tied flowers and work out far cheaper than the larger florists we would have once turned to.


Seriously go check them out now

3. Hopscotch Candles

I sense a little theme starting with these gifts, basically think relaxation. What better way to unwind than with a gorgeously scented candle. I must say I have never bought an expensive candle before. I always opt for a Primark special and although they do the job, you know they smell far weaker and waxy. I have a friend who’s house always looks and smells A-mazing and that’s because she never scrimps on her candle choices. I must admit I haven’t tried this particular company but I love how simplistic their packaging is and the scents on offer. They are handpoured in London and i have heard very good things about them, so i’m dying to try them out. Although at £24.00 for a large candle its not something I would necessarily indulge in, sooooo if someone (*cough* Timmy) is reading this, you are more than welcome to go ahead and buy this for me.


You can find the full range and their beautiful home wear collection here

4. ASOS Cactus Traditional Shirt & Long Leg Pyjama Set

I am totally obsessed with anything cactus related so when I saw these pyjamas I feel in love. Isn’t it just the best feeling to put on fresh pyjamas after a shower or bath!? Currently my “pyjamas” are any over sized item I can find in my floordrobe so I could really do with some comfy new pjs.


Admire them here

5. Rifle Paper Co Tapestry memoir notebook

I have to admit I have a serious problem with pretty notebooks. Rifle Paper Co have to be the prettiest by far. I could lie and say that they all get used but they mainly just look nice propped up somewhere in my house. Why not add to the already bulging pile!?


You can find them here

6. Rachel Jackson Hexagon Hoop Earrings

There is nothing that this women makes that I don’t like. I don’t wear a great deal of jewellery but what I do wear I always make sure I make smarter choices. I have gone through the years buying the bracklets and necklaces that leave a very attractive green ring of death around them. Then spent even longer trying to scrub it off. We’ve all been there no!? I would rather buy something a little more expensive a little less often, as I know I will take better care of it. I just love these earrings as I think they are great for day and night. They are the perfect gift regardless of Mothers Day.


To view this absolutely beautiful collection just click here

7. M & S Pompom Throw

If I could, I would add pompoms to every corner of my house. Every curtain edge would have them, every duvet cover would have them and every cushion would be covered in them. I have no idea when this fixation started but I just can’t get enough of them. Although I’m yet to finish Ernies room, ive still got grand plans for our travel themed bedroom and what says travel themed without a bunch of pompom dotted around. This throw is just what the doctor ordered and guess what, its got pompoms.


You can find it here

8. Emma Bridgewater Wallflower Mum 1/2 Pint Mug

I have wanted one of these for ages but justifying that much money on one mug seemed crazy to me, now its got £5 off suddenly its a bargain. I love this print in particular as its so reminiscent of spring and very apt for this time of year. I must admit I don’t drink a lot of tea but i’m sure i’d be a sudden convert with this taking pride of place. Its wonderful statement piece that would fit right in at my house.


Grab a bargain whilst you can here

So there you have it, my guide to the best Mothers Day presents. Its not too late to get your items ordered and hopefully this has given you some inspiration on the perfect gift. I know I need to get a shift on. I was so organised and I started this post a few days back. I was going to finish it at the start of the week and yet again life got in the way.

Have the most fantastic day what ever you may do because you deserve it.














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