Spring Outings – Glendurgan Gardens

With the start of spring well underway, my newsfeed is awash with beautiful picture’s of magnolias, tulips and daffodils. It’s a shame the weather is being a total shit. My heating and tumble drier havent seen so much use and my pockets have never been so empty!

I love being outdoors with Ernest, especially now he’s on the move. I imagine us in a few years running around the garden, laughing and chasing each other with the hosepipe. All he wants to do at the moment is climb the stairs at least 100 times a day and hates being stopped from roaming every corner of our home, namely the fireplace ledge.

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I know my best bet is to get a stair gate, which I’m yet to do #badmum, as it’s getting increasingly difficult to contain this giant ball of energy. Currently I have him mainly trapped in the front room and I feel guilty that he can’t do what he wants to do, which is to cause absolute hell and hurt himself. I feel like it’s been none stop rain and the good days always seem to be when I’m working. However we did get a few breaks in the rain long enough for us to go exploring.

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I have wanted to visit Glendurgan Gardens for so long as it’s simply beautiful. I never thought I would be the type of person to appreciate nature at it’s simplest but there is nothing more magnificent than the colours of a magnolia tree.

As you walk down through the winding paths you are faced with tree upon tree of beautiful blooms. The floor is covered with a dusting of pretty pink petals which Ernest took great pleasure in throwing around. It was nice to be able to let him roam free, get covered in mud and take a dip in the sea without having to worry about whether he’s gonna hurt himself. Although the pebbles from the beach being inserted in his mouth could have almost certainly killed me. I never usually panic when I can’t find a dummy for him because he’s happy to take it or leave it, but it’s the absolute best way to plug them up in those situations. That’s one of my all time life hacks right there!

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We are so lucky to have such breathtaking scenery right on our doorstep and I want to make the absolute most of it whilst i can. The gardens have a huge maze which unfortunately couldn’t fit the pram but we happily watched others as they attempted to reach the centre.

The further you walk down through the gardens you are met with the little village of Durgan. It’s only got a handful of houses but it sits right on the waters edge. That day the sun actually felt warm on your skin and I could have happily closed my eyes and had a little siesta but alas my darling son was more interested in filling his hands and mouth with stones and sitting on the shoreline as the water lapped over his legs.

Ernest is a great lover of water but I don’t think he quite expected it to be so cold. He swiftly retracted his urge to get in the water and purching in his pram whilst i took my socks off, revealing my less than attractive hobbit feet, and dug them into the pebble beach.

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We used to spend lots of long summer evenings here as children with big blankets and a roaring fire. My mum used to say that even when the sun went down we would still be splashing about the water and watching the phosperescent sparkle under the moonlight. I honestly remember it like it was a fairy tale and even now when we get to see it, it doesn’t quite sink in. I cant explain how magical it is but it really is. I remember the first time I ever showed Timmy and I know I’ll remember the first time I show Ernest too.

We had such a great time just frolicking on the beach, skimming stones and people watching. I can’t wait for more days in the sun with my little family. I just need my lazy toad to start walking now.






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