If Only We Could Stop Time

Hello my old friend, sorry its been a while. I don’t know about you but lately i feel like the days, weeks and months are just passing by in a flash. We’ve had so much going on over here that I haven’t blogged as much as I’d hoped to. How can we be in the midst of spring already? My baby is almost three months past the age of one and it only feels like yesterday he was celebrating that momentous milestone. Every day that little baby is slipping through my finger tips and truly becoming a boy. Its like I blinked and suddenly he just grew up. Next thing I know he’ll have a five o clock shadow and be drinking 20/20 on a street corner with all the other spotty pubescent kids.

But for now, even though he’s got a long way to go, he certainly doesn’t shy away from knowing what he wants. He’s discovering all the many gestures required for getting your attention. Firstly everything now begins with a lot of pointing. This is followed by a lot of ‘uhh uhh uhhing’ being repeated over and over again whilst he tries to scale my leg and poke his grubby finger in your mouth.

Although our conversations aren’t in spoken words I still know what he’s after and understand every little quirk. He’s got such a fun loving character that we spend a good part of our day just laughing. Its like we get each other. I never thought I would have some of the best days of my entire life with only mama, dada and ta said. He’s got a very cheeky side to him and to him, no means yes. I can see the little cogs turning in his mind when he’s trying to make a plan. This plan is usually to get to that chocolate bar I’m so desperate to hide from him under a cushion. He doesn’t miss a trick. The other part of our day is spent fighting to change a nappy without a shitty ass smearing over my already shitty ass stained carpet.

I actually feel like I’m wrangling a bull or wrestling a very slippery fish some days! He certainly knows how to put up a fight as I desperately clasp hold of his feet with one hand and try and shake out those extra stuck together wet wipes from the packet with my other hand, because i didn’t anticipate how many i needed. I find myself just laughing. I laugh or ill cry in all honesty. Its an utter battle and one I could do without sometimes. So this whole transition from baby to toddler has truly been a joy and at times a challenge too. All the new facial expressions, words and actions have got me all emotional at how much he’s basically turning into a teenager overnight.

We are still very much in the crawling stages and personally I think that’s down to sheer boyish laziness. Its getting to the point now where I long for him to walk. I know ill be regretting this as soon as he makes those first steps but currently I find the whole crawling part difficult, especially on my back. I’ve never known a small child to have so much strength and trying to stop him from doing things he shouldn’t or just carrying him, pains me. I have to rely on Timmy to use the baby backpack so when he’s not here, i’m limited to where I can take him with a pram. I should probably lay off the pies too, in fact I know I should as it will help with my back issues, yet I still happily ply my face with food of an evening. Isn’t there a diet where you lose 14 stone in a day?

Ernest is so full of energy and with that he just wants to be on the go all the time. I’m constantly chasing around after him and being told by people how shocked they are at how fast he crawls. His knees are always covered in bruises, his trousers are wearing holes and he probably hits his head at least twice a day. He’s so interesting in checking you’re still behind him that he just veers off and heads straight into a wall. He’s a little fearless warrior and will think nothing of diving down the stairs head first after a ball he’s just lobbed down there. He’s happy to scramble to the top of a grass mound just so he can crawl as fast as he can down it, all with a smile on his face. I just want him to stay that way forever. Innocent and pure with a little but of feral thrown into the mix.

I don’t begrudge the fact he’s energetic and laughs in the face of danger. I champion it. I champion him being an adventurer. The fact he’s happy to just sit on his own with a car and run it along the ground melts my heart and soul. I always worry about the way I parent him and if he’ll be a nice boy. A caring boy. I guess its a natural feeling to have for any parent just wanting the best from their child. I do wonder what the future will hold. Will he make friends? Will he be bullied? Will mobile apps consume him like it does the youth of today? You never know how they are gonna turn out. I think i turned out pretty ok but i do talk about poo waaay too much. Only time will tell if that’s a hereditary trait.



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