So here i am attempting to put pen to virtual paper and give this blogging lark a go. It’s something that i’ve wanted to try for a long time but never felt confident enough to carry out. I have seen more and more people using this platform as an outlet for the everyday trials of life and wondered why i hadn’t done it sooner. I’m loving having the freedom of not working and filling my days with fresh air rather than the office air con. Its given me time to reflect upon whats important in life as I’ve always worried too much about what people might think of me. I set myself up to fail by being negative towards myself and planting self doubt in my head at every turn. Its amazing how honest you suddenly become when you let go.

Right, now for the introductions. My name is Beki and I’ve recently grown a little ginger headed sweetheart called Ernest Wilbur. I live with my husband Timmy and cat Alan. These days the words “free time” are quite an alien concept but when I have time, I’m a self confessed tv addict, interiors nut and Diet Coke drinker. I’ve gained a new found appreciation for the great outdoors and love nothing more than discovering new places. I live in Cornwall (a definite plus) which is ironic as the things I fear the most are the sea and the slippery buggers that frequent it. I’m currently enjoying being a first time mother and everything that comes with it, poo included, taking every day as it comes.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my ramblings.

With Love